Why Rent a Beach House?

This summer forget about booking your usual hotel room and consider renting a Michigan Beach House. Why pay for a single room when you can get an entire house or condo for the same price?


When you consider square footage alone, you can see you’re getting a deal. From affordable beach condos to decked-out beach house rentals. 


Convienient Location

Our beach houses are located anywhere from 1 hour to two hours from Chicago. Invite your friends for the day they can visit you enjoy the beach and return the next day to work, in fact its possible have the family play at the beach house why you commute to work from there.



Vacation Rentals offer all sorts of comforts, from resort amenities to a fully equipped kitchen, perfect for cooking meals, imagine waking up for breakfast on the veranda overlooking sparkling Lake Michigan, or grilling what you caught fishing that day. Other extras often include home media centers, on site board games and game consoles, DVD libraries and more.



There’s a reason people often get into arguments on vacation, and it’s not always due to the change in routine. Squeezing into a single hotel room for days never did anybody any good. Beach rentals provide space where everyone can spread out, consider rentals where everyone has their own room, after all you don’t sleep in the same room at home.


Save Money

While forking over the cash to rent an entire vacation home may seem like a frivolity, it’s true that you’re often getting a deal when you rent a beach house. Using the kitchen to cook meals is key to saving money, getting those necessary meals like breakfast without all the fanfare allows you to save money to spend on more important things than bagels and coffee. Another way to tighten the wallet is to split a rental with friends or another family. You’ll be surprised at how much money you save when the price is cut down the middle. Use the extra cash to splurge on a fancy dinner during your last night or charter a fishing boat on Lake Michigan and let an expert set it to you straight-hook, line and sinker.


Forget about hidden fees, black out dates and pesky cleaning service, enjoy having the space to be King of your own castle, and rent the unique.


New Rentals, Last Minute Offers

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